Jack Turk ("The World's FASTEST Copywriter") has written copy that has sold millions of dollars worth of products and services for Doctors, Authors, Info-Marketers, Coaches of all kinds. He's the author of "101 Fast, Good, Cheap Hacks to Writing a KILLER Sales Letter."

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Jesse Stoddard

Founder Stoddard Agency

"Excellent sales copywriter and extremely knowledgeable about direct response marketing. This guy is the "hidden gem" and ghostwriter for people you have heard about. He is some of the gurus best-kept secret." 

Dan Kennedy

Founder, GKIC / No BS Insider Circle

"Jack Turk is a smart, adept copywriter able to do what so many can't; capture and authentically write in the voice of a client. Of all who've tried writing as me, for GKIC, Jack came closest and did the best."

Jack Turk and Associates, LLC